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All you need to know about EternaDNA, and what we do!

About EternaDNA

Most genetic testing providers typically present test reports for educational and informative purposes and do not provide you with actionable solutions. EternaDNA offers product solutions through Nutrigenetic Consultation, BioAge reporting, Conventional Tests and Customised Products (Boost and Vitality) as actionable measures to better your health.

Furthermore, our reports will provide you with personalised recommendations and diet plans to better your health.

Gone are the days of your generic off the shelf products. Health and wellness are moving towards customisation where each of us has specific requirements and needs. Genetic testing along with lifestyle assessment and conventional tests allow us to understand you better.

Understanding your unique profile will provide you with the information to make proactive decisions that are best suited to you. Our genetic analytical platform and algorithm consider your unique genetic profile and formulate customised products that are best suited for your requirements, sensitivities and goals. 

Genetic Testing

Your DNA makes you unique and different. Similar to how we look different, there exist numerous genetic variations that are not observable in our bodies. Genetic testing allows us to unlock and discover your profile. Our genetic sequencing, bioinformatics and comprehensive questionnaire work synergistically to discover your genetic profile and lifestyle factors. 

EternaDNA uses Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) technology to sequence our clients’ genomes.

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is a form of genome sequencing where we determine the exact sequence of a region of your DNA. This can be a short portion, specific coding regions or even the entire genome.

WGS allows us to sequence your entire genome and identify variants in your genome. This lets us generate more accurate information on your genetic profile and allows a more comprehensive overview of your health and wellness traits.

One advantage of Whole Genome Sequencing is that once you do it, you will not have to do it again. As our genome does not change, WGS allows us to sequence once and to obtain the data indefinitely. 

Your DNA is collected and analysed through our saliva collection kit that will be sent to your home. The saliva collection process is simple, painless and non-invasive. 

Do note that we are using a saliva collection kit and not a buccal swab. No blood samples are required for this genetic test.

When you sign up with EternaDNA, you would have to first go through saliva collection and genetic sequencing in our in-house sequencing lab. 

As your genome does not change, you no longer have to purchase the saliva collection kit once you do your genetic sequencing with us. You can proceed to enjoy your customised products and consultations without having to do another genetic test.

Our Solutions

Once you place an order with us, we will send you a lifestyle assessment questionnaire. This questionnaire will evaluate multiple day to day metrics in your life such as current health symptoms and personal concerns.

We provide 3 different genetic test reports, a nutrition report, a fitness report and a skincare report. Our test report covers more than 500 genes and provides you with more than 40 insights into your predisposed nutritional deficiencies and skin sensitivities. 

The reports also contain extensive information on your genetic assessment scores, predisposing risk factors and lifestyle modification tips. The comprehensive reports provide you with personalised recommendations and an understanding of your unique genetic profile.

The genetic test and reports are non-diagnostic and are for wellness screening purposes. These are markers and outcomes that affect your overall wellness and requirements. As the test is not diagnostic, it is not meant to assess the risk, diagnosis and management of diseases. 

Diagnostic tests should be carried out with medical professionals for clinical use and treatment therapies if necessary.

Chronological age measures our age in the years we have been alive whereas biological age is the progressive change in our bodies and evaluates how old our body seems or feels.

Biological ageing considers our individual genetic and lifestyle differences. Some examples include our genetics, diet, exercise and stress.

We use several biomarkers to evaluate the rate of your biological ageing. For example, the DNA methylation test is just one of the four tests we use to analyse your biological age. Whole Genome Sequencing allows us to analyse thousands of methylation sites in your DNA and evaluate the rate of epigenetic change.

The combination of results from our tests will provide us with factors to use in our BioAge algorithm and allow us to determine your biological age. 

Using the results from our biological ageing tests, we will provide you with a BioAge report. This report includes the evaluation of your results and lifestyle recommendations to sustain or even slow down your rate of biological ageing.

Subsequently, there will be a complimentary re-evaluation to determine if the lifestyle changes have been successful. 

EternaDNA provides customise supplements that are best suited for your requirements, sensitivities and goals. Generic nutritional guidelines and the one size fits all approach are growing out of trend. Unlike fixed dosages found in off the shelf supplements that can result in deficiencies or overdosing, Boost and Vitality are fully customised based on your DNA profile and lifestyle factors. 

Customisation ensures that only relevant ingredients are used that best suit your unique profile and lifestyle. Our products mean that there is no longer a need for multiple products, multiple times a day. This means that get only what you need in a convenient and easy to incorporate product.

One of our customised solutions includes nutrigenetic consultations. All consultations will be carried out at Nutrimaxx Consultancy. 

Nutrimaxx Consultancy provides dietetic services like nutrition consultation (for medical e.g. cancer & diabetes) and better nutrition for pregnancy, bone health, weight management and much more. They use an integrative coaching approach with diet, exercise, mental wellness and mindfulness. 

For more information, visit

One of our conventional tests includes a skin assessment test. This will be carried out at Veritas Medical Aesthetics. 

Veritas Medical Aesthetics is a pioneer clinic in Singapore to use a large collection of 18 different lasers for our skin, body and hair treatments. Veritas Clinic adopts a patient-centric experience combined with research-proven procedures for skin assessment and treatment. They perform carefully selected treatments that deliver real, visible results to you.

For more information, visit 

Privacy and Research

Your saliva sample will be stored in our climate-controlled safekeeping facility in Singapore. This facility has security standards on par with the gold, diamond and fine art industries. 

All of EternaDNA’s operations are carried out in Singapore, from saliva collection right down to product manufacturing. 

Your DNA sequencing will be carried out in our in-house sequencing lab in Singapore. Your data will also be safely kept in Singapore.

The power of your genetic information lies in you and we believe that you should be in full control of your genetic information and who it is shared with. Your privacy is our top priority.

All personal information will be safely kept in Singapore. We do not sell or lease your genetic information to third party providers for use. We ensure that our security infrastructure is compliant with PDPA laws in Singapore and with international security standards. We encrypt all information, data and reports with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. 

The purpose of Genebank Research is to make discoveries about genetics and other factors behind diseases and traits. To do this, we conduct own research and support the work of other researchers around the world by collaborating and publishing our findings in scientific journals. 

Clients under EternaDNA have an option to participate in Genebank Research. If you agree to this consent, you allow Genebank researchers to use certain information to study a wide variety of research topics concerning genetics.

Results of Genebank Research may be used to help develop new ways to diagnose and treat disease, or new reports and features for Genebank’s products or services. 

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