What is Genome Sequencing

Whole Genome Sequencing is used to make sense of your DNA by determining the exact sequence of your genome. This is where we can sequence a short gene, a part of your DNA or your entire genome.

The exact sequence of your DNA is a valulabe piece of information. It fully unlocks your genetic profile and allow you to take proactive measures to achieve better health. After sequencing, you can then engage in our post test services such as BioAge Testing and fully customised supplements.

Whole genome sequencing

3 Billion Pairs Of Your DNA Sequenced

Clients under EternaDNA will undergo Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS). This is a technology used to sequence all the nucleotides in your genome or in specific regions. One advantage of Whole Genome Sequencing is that once you do it, you do not have to do it again. As our genome does not change, WGS allows us to sequence it once and to obtain the data indefinitely.

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    Discover what you can do with your DNA. Drop us a message for a free consultation on DNA preservation and sequencing.

  • Saliva Collection

    DNA preservation starts with collecting your saliva sample. Saliva collection will be done only once with us.

  • Capsule

    Your saliva sample will then be preserved in our DNA capsule that was crafted with the most advanced technology available today.

  • Storage

    Your saliva sample will be stored in our climate-controlled safekeeping facility with standards on par with gold, diamond and fine art industries.

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