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Dr David Klinzing

Chief Technology Officer, Next Level Genomics Pte Ltd, Singapore

Dr David Klinzing has been involved in DNA sequencing for over 30 years, initially at the University of Wisconsin, followed by his graduate work at Tufts University and a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School.

Dr Klinzing introduced next-generation sequencing to the Philippines while at St Luke's Medical Center and became labortary director of AITbiotech in Singapore where he helped launch the joint venture NovogeneAIT to support the Singapore National Precision Medicine program. Dr Klinzing was previously Chief Technology Officer at Asia Genomics' Imagene Labs, providing consumer genetic analysis using their patented polygenic risk scoring system.

At Next Level Genomics, Dr Klinzing is providing the research and clinical communities with long-read sequencing services using PacBio technology and spatial genomics services using Nanostring.